Thursday, September 9, 2010

Hall of the Fallen: Turgay

Every campaign has those PCs and NPCs who run out of luck, often at the most inopportune moments.  In this feature, you can take a stroll down the Hall of the Fallen, and celebrate the (sometimes very short) adventuring careers of these luckless souls.

First up is a man whose name was mocked at first utterance: Turgay the Arrow Magnet.

The party was deep in the underground lair of the Rat Shaman, negotiating tricky passageways and trying to avoid some nasty zombies, when Turgay bit the big one.  The heavy darkness was broken by the light of several pools of burning oil, and the stench of burning rat filled air.  Trapped in a back room, desperate to escape and dash up the stairs and out into the light of day, the party made a play to rush past the zombies and into a large main room.  Turgay led the way, only crying a little bit.  Success in avoiding the zombies turned to pain and sorrow for Turgay, though, as he tripped an arrow trap and took the pointy projectile directly through the throat.

Alas, he died quietly...except for the gurgling and moaning.