Friday, October 8, 2010

I Gots the ADDs

I have to admit it, I've got gamer ADD.  I love our campaign, but my mind is going too fast for the sessions to keep up!  To add to the pain, we had to skip our session this week due to some totally understandable work issues.  My problem is that I really like to write the story settings and can't wait to see what the players do and how the story plays out.  When we don't play I just keep writing new stuff, which is fun, but it's a bit like getting a lot of delicious ingredients together for a recipe and then just staring at them.  I want to get to the cooking and feasting! 

So in the absence of play, I've:
Read TMNT and Other Strangeness again,
Perused Call of Cthulhu,
Read through a bunch of old D&D modules and tried to plan their use,
Written up several towns, caves, starships, and other locations on the campaign map,
etc., etc.

TMNT kicks mutated ass.