Saturday, June 25, 2011

Xenoscript Transvisualizer

Found within the navigation suite of a spaceship lodged in a dungeon, the Xenoscript Transvisualizer is a piece of Pahreen technology that allows one to read alien text.  To use the XT, one simply mounts it on the noggin, lowers the transvisualizer visor, and examines the text in question.  A turn must be spent on examination, but no roll need be made to decipher the script, the sense simply transfers to the wearer's consciousness via invisible ideation rays (yeah, that's right).

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Lost Continent Session 33

(As of late, I've been waffling on whether to post write-ups of our Lost Continent sessions, knowing that I have never really done this before and most anyone reading it would be jumping in mid-story.  Well...I decided to go for it anyway.  Those who find them tedious can easily skip the posts, and it will serve its main purpose well: helping me and my players remember what happened when, and remain recollected when the details of the campaign proliferate.)

Session 33

Bellor Ruthenia, 5th level Moravian Shieldsman
Zoe of Zoe, 5th level Colonist Thief
Tune of Santa Monica, 6th level Stranger Sorcerer
Itchy of the Brotherhood of the Dawn, 7th level Colonist Cleric
Shaan Solo, 7th level Colonist Bounty Hunter

The party has been working out of Pentastadion for the past few months, adventuring professionally as "The Company of the Belching Dragon".  They have taken on odd delving jobs outside of town and under Pentastadion itself, and have attracted the attention of one of the powerful Syndics.  Her attendant, Rolando Blackman, recently negotiated with them, and they contracted to do a practice job: to explore and map a newly discovered underground complex accessible only through the cellar of a brewery in the warehouse district of Pentastadion.

The last session (32) found the Company venturing through the strange hidden door behind the brewery's mash tun again, descending a long stair and exploring what they would discover was the Den of the Thief Kings.  They cautiously moved through several decrepit rooms until they entered a small gallery with portraits hung on all the walls.  Two disparate figures stood on the far side of the room, stock still and unresponsive, staring at a large portrait of a human man.  Upon inspection, the two figures turned out to be a scruffy barbarian type, with pale skin and scant clothing, and a tall, thin, erudite looking man in a robe.  Both appeared alive and well, but completely still.  Tune judged them frozen somehow, perhaps by gazing at the portrait, and had Bellor throw a cloak over the painting.  They examined the rest of the room and found nothing, so as a last measure, Itchy called upon the power of Solus to banish any magical effect in the room.  In a flash of action, both men came to life.  The barbarian spun around and, seeing a sinister figure at his shoulder, stabbed the man in heart.  A tense standoff ensued between barbarian and adventurers while the robed man's life quickly ebbed away.  After attempts at communication proved futile, the party slowly backed out of the room and left the barbarian some space to leave safely.

More exploration of rooms followed, with the discovery of an empty lair and a shadowy altercation with foul humanoids resembling hyenas and covered with coarse bristling fur.  Arrows, plasma blasts and arcane bolts of energy flew back and forth, and several hyena men were slain.  The battle brought on fatigue, however, so the Company retired to a defensible room and locked themselves within for the night.

Session 33 began with the Company rising from a fitful rest in the small room.  Shaan smelled the odor of oil, while Zoe could hear several figures moving in the hallway outside.  Abandoning the better part of valor, Bellor threw open the door and Itchy charged into what he assumed was combat.  He guessed right and was able to engage the last two of the hyena men before they escaped down the hallway.  Itchy slew one, but the other shot a flaming arrow that brought fire licking all about the cleric's divine boots.  Itchy ran to escape the burning oil and Shaan sniped the last of the bestial fiends with a powerful blast of his plasma rifle.

The Company paused to catch its breath, then continued to explore the rest of the Den.  Among other things, they found a prop room used by an ancient thieves' guild.  Costumes and wigs filled numerous chests and wardrobes, but the main attraction was a raised platform set before a mirrored triptych.  A multitude of chains hung down with handles on them.  Itchy was the first to ascend the platform and pull a chain, finding himself immediately 30 lbs. heavier!  Disgusted but undaunted, he pulled again, and was rewarded with a Fu Manchu.

The Company moved on, encountering a shrine to Hermes wherein they gambled with the god, and other less exciting rooms.  (I can't remember anything else, honestly).

When they finished mapping the floor, they ascended the stairs and were immediately intercepted by Rolando Blackman's henchmen, who directed them quickly through panic-stricken streets.  Something was very amiss in the city by the sea.  But that's where we leave our party...

[I've forgotten big chunks of these sessions, apparently, and must set about fixing that by writing notes soon after the next session.]

Next installment: Panic in Pentastadion!

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Something is weird on blogger...

The "Stats" section of my dashboard reports that I had 475 pageviews yesterday, and similarly high numbers for the past week or two.  Now, while that would be kind of cool, it's just not realistic.  I mean, very unrealistic.  Is anyone else experiencing this? 

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Den of the Thief Kings: Prop Room

Last night we concluded an adventure where the party was tasked with mapping out a newly discovered complex below the city of Pentastadion.  The entryway was through an iron door hidden in the cellar of an abandoned brewery.  After descending a winding stairway, the party found itself exploring the Den of the Thief Kings.

Though not unusually creative in its design, one simple room turned out to be lots of fun (for both Labyrinth Lord and players, I think!):

Prop Room.   A thick burgundy curtain covers the walls of this room, but more importantly it is filled with a multitude of wardrobes and chests.  Each wardrobe and chest contains various costumes and clothing, jewelry and accessories, mostly of low quality but accurate appearance.  They are ratty and moth-eaten, for the most part, and have no value.  At the far end of the room is a large polished metal mirror in triptych, with a platform to stand on and a series of handles hanging by chains from above.  If the handles are pulled while a character is standing on the platform, a random effect is generated:

Roll d6
Skin changes color.
Hair style changed.
Random facial hair.
Gains/loses d4 x 10 pounds.
Grows/Shrinks d6 inches.
Eyes change color.

The room was used several centuries ago by thieves on the lam.  One quick stop in prop room gave them a disguise with an added twist: a permanent change of appearance.

One of the players tested it out and immediately gained 30 pounds.  He then laughingly tried again--Fu Manchu facial hair! We determined also that one of the NPCs would be goading into trying it also.  An already large warrior, Bellor Ruthenia instantly grew another 4 inches taller.  Russian accented complaints about trying to [Yakov Smirnoff's voice]"fit into peasant bed already big hassle!" ensued.

Good times.

(By the way, there is a hilarious table of Random Facial Hair in one of the issues of Fight On!, written by Jeff Rients, I believe.  I can't remember which, though.  Anyway, this room would put it to excellent use.)