Tuesday, September 27, 2016

WMLP! Issue No 7 is here!

Hold onto your butts, mighty issue 7 of the fanzine of old school weirdness has hit the shelves!  
In addition to all the radness you've come to expect from WMLP!, we've included an interview with pioneering dungeon designer and fanzine creator Jennell Jaquays! We hope you enjoy!

Editorial and “Crypt Thing”
Alex Fotinakes and Bob Richens
Interview with a Pioneer: Jennell Jaquays
Alex Fotinakes
Beneath the Ruins
Alex Fotinakes

Duren, a sample city 
John Huh
Items of Interest 
John Huh
The Empire of Tong 
John Huh

The Journal of Quinoa, the Unbathed 
Bob Richens
WMLP! Gazette 
Bob Richens
Cover Art: Dr. Brainus Mangenius, Psy D
Contributing Artists: Frederick De Tapia (http://freddetapia.deviantart.com/gallery)

Saturday, February 13, 2016

WMLP! #7 Update

 …and on the seventh issue they rested.

...for, like, over a year.  But, behold! The WMLP! crew is back in action and issue #7 is in the works.  Dr. Brainus Mangenius is summoning psychedelic imagery, Alexey is feverishly scribbling weird-fantasy gibberish, The Canuck's poring over his trove of forbidden lore, and John? has unwisely volunteered to do layout/editing!

Keep your eyes locked on your scrying crystals, more updates to follow!