Friday, September 17, 2010

Campaign Update...

In a previous post I introduced our intrepid party, five characters exploring the Lost Continent and being caught up in the strange happenings after Starfall.  As I'm beginning to write about them in mid-campaign, I'll add a little background and catch you up to date.

Our party started out in the tiny town of Crossroads.  Hardly a town at all, it was truly only a large caravan that had dug in and begun living on the site of an ancient ruined town.  The mayor/sheriff/innkeeper/barkeep was and is the affable Drotik.  The party met him first and he has figured in to their adventures many times.

Ichi the cleric and Shawn Solo the Bounty Hunter first awoke in Crossroads after a disastrous run-in with bandits.  Their caravan was destroyed and only a few survivors made it back to the safety of Crossroads.  Having made each other's acquaintance on the caravan, they decided to stick together, accepting a job from Drotik in repayment of his kindness (and a need for some cash!).

Through various deadly traps and numerous battles, from the Temple of the Rat Shaman (no he didn't look like Splinter) to the sewers of Crossroads, Ichi and Shawn have survived on wit and a consistent strategy of having the torch-bearer look into all dark rooms first.  Along the way they have twice fended off the wicked Rat Shaman, slain an Arachnosquid, and helped to foil the plans of Yog-Sothic cultists.

Now they have stumbled upon what might be the greatest conspiracy yet: a chance job-offer turned into a meeting with time/space travelling aliens.  The Pahreen, as they call themselves, were on the tail end of a failed mission to recover a powerful artifact from the Lost Continent and remove it to a safe time/place. In their brief discussion with the alien, they discovered that the mission was one of mercy--to go back and stop the terrible rise of the Starchild, an event that would lead to the enslavement of the entire continent and the return of at least some of the Old Ones.  With the last alien lost in battle to a peculiar band of Ogres, the mission, with all its loose ends and missing information, has fallen into the hands of the party.

Who is the Starchild?  What information will they find in the Great Library of Ki'hago, magically preserved four levels down a mysterious dungeon?  What of the curious dwarven hammer that was mentioned by the Pahreen, and the map to its resting place?

Time will tell.