Thursday, February 10, 2011

Hall of the Fallen: Arthur the Fighter

And so passes into legend Arthur the Fighter:

Bold and eager for Adventure, Arthur climbed the dizzying heights to the Keep on the Borderlands.  He impressed the Castellan immediately when he interrupted his conversation with the Captain to offer the services of a trained warrior (and rolled a really good reaction roll).  Just at that moment the Castellan had been describing the foul hooligans who had lately been entering the keep, looking only to quaff ale in the tavern and lounge in the common room.  "Where shall I find a man stout of heart and eager to quench his thirst for renown by slaying dark creatures?", he asked.

"I'm down", replied the hero.

The hero thus ventured forth into the black caves of chaos, in search of goblin heads (worth 5 gp a piece) and a lost expedition in need of resupply.  He found them and mounted a successful attack against a group of guards.  But alas, the second contingent they encountered (he and his retinue of uncoordinated torch bearers) was much craftier, summoning forth with a sack of ill-gotten gold the furious Ogre.  Spears flew, goblins screamed, torchbearers cried, and blood flowed.  The dirty goblins died or fled, but still the Ogre pressed on, receiving blows but dropping meatshields, nonetheless.  Finally, when hope seemed to return, the cruel Ogre rolled a natural 20 and his knobby club showed Arthur the way to Valhalla.

May he rest in peace.