Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Fight On! #11 Available Now

Another issue of my favorite fanzine just came out: Fight On! #11.  For those of you who haven't seen an issue yet, it always comes through with a tremendous amount of great inspiration.  I read these issues over and over and frequently have a copy on the table while we game.  Below the links is the table of contents for this issue.

You can buy the print version here:

and the PDF version here:

Table of Contents
Level Limits & Monstrous Protagonists (John Vogel) 3
Sylvan Elves (Scott Moberly) 4
Vampire: The Delve (Calithena) 5
Sword Priests of Humakt (Baz Blatt) 7
Ducks, Dragonewts, & Draala (Jason Vasché & Cal) 10
The Barbarian King (Gabor Lux) 14
Knights & Knaves (Kristen Lee Knapp) 25
Have Sword – Will Travel! (James A. Smith) 27
Scrolls Gone Wild! (John Laviolette) 28
Grognard’s Grimoire (Baz Blatt) 29
Tables for Fables (Age of Fable) 30
…and three more: (Jeff Rients) 32
Creepies & Crawlies (Erin “Taichara” Bisson) 34
Caverns of the Sea Hag (David Coleman) 37
Education of a Magic-User (Douglas Cox) 44
Doxy, Urgent Care Cleric (J. Linneman & K. Green) 45
Sir Tendeth (Tim “Sniderman” Snider) 46
Artifacts, Adjuncts, & Oddments (Erol Otus, Jason Sholtis, Jennifer Weigel, & John Hitchens) 52
Cavern Adventuring (Calithena) 54
Of Dungeons Dreaming (Sean Wills) 57
Twelve Free-Standing Tombs (Geoffrey O. Dale) 58
Pernicious Undercroft of Dark Matrimonies (L. Barber) 61
Handy Tables for Hexcrawling (Alexey Fotinakes) 63
On Fantasy Chronography (Del Beaudry) 67
Heroquests (Steve Marsh and Calithena) 70
The Darkness Beneath (Matthew Riedel) 72
Bust-up at the Moon and Parrot (Baz Blatt) 81
Doomquest (Scott LeMien) 86