Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Free Giveaway!

I wanted to post this separately so that no one would miss it!

This issue your friendly, hardworking staff at WMLP is giving away a homemade Gelatinous Cube to one lucky winner.  It's made of clear resin and features an unfortunate zombie struggling to escape its jiggly mass!

Simply purchase a copy of WMLP Issue #4 on or before February 28th, 2013 and you'll be entered to win.  A random drawing will be made on March 7th to determine the lucky recipient.  Good luck everyone!

Update: Whoa! Check out Bob's blog post showing off his process and handiwork. Wicket, mon!

Issue No. 4!

Yay!  Through much turmoil, shouting and cursing, I have wrested from my laptop's clutching electronic fingers yet another mind-exploding issue of Wizards Mutants Laser Pistols!  This issue is full of fun stuff, supplied once again by the WMLP crew...John?, Bob Richens, myself, and our intrepid cover artist Dr. Brainus Manginus.  We hope you enjoy this new offering.

Table o' Contents

Alex Fotinakes

Monstrous Addendum
John? and Bob Richens
The City-State of Tal ‘Azure
Beneath the Ruins, Level 4
Alex Fotinakes

LL Character Class: TheVestigier

Objets d’Occult 
The WMLP Staff
The Lord of the Things 
Bob Richens 

Cover Art: Dr. Brainus Mangenius, Psy D.