Thursday, September 30, 2010

Hall of the Fallen: Sturik

Ah, another hero fallen.  Well, not exactly a hero, I suppose.  Sturik was a devious little guy with a parrot on his shoulder.  He was pretty good at exacting extra fees out of the party members whenever he was asked to do something above the normal torch-bearing, even having to be told at one point, in the heat of battle, "One extra gp for everything you kill, Sturik!"

Alas, even as he began to pull his weight a bit, a large Rhagodessa was able to attach to his head.  The next round it found its mark, with it's powerful mandibles delivering a crushing squeeze to his pinhead.  Ever turn the blender on high without covering the top and all the margarita squirts out of the top?  Yep.  Sturik's head 'sploded.

(One player asked, "Is he, like, just unconcious? Or dead dead?"  Dead dead, dude.