Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Digital WMLP!

WMLP! goes digital!  Wat!? Yes, all you technomancers can now access the WMLP! Volume One Compilation on your arcano-tech viewing devices.  Happy New Year!  May it be filled with weird gaming!

Click Right Here!

Friday, September 12, 2014

WMLP! Volume One Compilation Available on Lulu!

For any and all interested, the WIZARDS MUTANTS LASER PISTOLS! VOLUME ONE COMPILATION is now available for purchase on LULU.COM (visit the WMLP! Store)
In this volume you’ll find all six issues of the fanzine of Old School Weirdness, published for the first time with a real cover and binding!  No more staples catching on the inside of your briefcase when you try to sneak these bad boys into your office!

The first volume includes 6 full levels of the gonzo fantasy underworld BENEATH THE RUINS (over 160 detailed rooms), as well as new character classes, monsters, referees’ quick-roll tables, and short adventures for TSR’s AD&D 1E, and Goblinoid Games’ Mutant Future and Crypt World.

From the back cover…


Within lies a taste of the world of Fantasy before it was clipped and trimmed and placed in a neat box.  Animators and Musketeers delve dank dungeons teeming with Nosferrogu and Flamingodiles, where mutant tribes battle coldly calculating Luminites with poisoned spears and blazing lasers.  Shitoth the Spider Daemon and Bitlinktaknerekt the Hell Gnome stalk their deadly lairs.  The mummified head of the ancient sorcerer TuattaTan berates you for your obesity.  Genres mix and epochs mingle, arcanotech and dinosaurs, Thundarr meets Cthulhu!  Dreams coalesce and nightmares take on reality.  What is this glorious mess?!

It’s WIZARDS MUTANTS LASER PISTOLS! the fanzine of old school weirdness!

Monday, July 14, 2014

Ultra Rare WMLP! "Review"

I don't write reviews.  Mostly because one needs to be thorough, unbiased, and have the gonads to tell it like it is, and I have a hard time with those things.  (See Bryce's page for real reviews of modules.)

Nonetheless, I would not be a true brother-in-games if I did not tell you to get your virtual butt over to Al Krombach's blog and check out Warriors of the Red Planet.  And by "check out" I mean buy a copy immediately.  His blog is here.  You can buy this 24-karat chunk of SwordnPlanet awesomeness for $3.93 here.  (Yes, only 3 freaking dollars and 93 tiny cents--are you kidding me!!???)

This book is a complete RPG based on The Original, but rewritten to perfectly sync with the SwordnPlanet genre.  (You can be a Weird Scientist PC if you want)

I've never really been much of a Burroughs fan, but I love love love some CL Moore and especially Leigh Brackett.  If you're at all into that stuff, or even just want your fantasy campaign to look more like the airbrushed piece on the side of a 70's van, then this book is going to melt your brain and rebuild it with ancient alien technology so that it works way better.

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Issue No 2 SOLD OUT

You may notice that the drop down choices for ordering now only offer "5 issues" as the maximum.  That is not an error.  The evil piƱata golems that fulfill WMLP! orders have informed me that Issue #2 hath completely sold out.  Hereafter, you'll have to look to the forthcoming WMLP! Volume 1 Compilation to get your hands on it.  Said compilation should appear roundabout August somethingth.  

You may still, of course, order issues 1, 3, 4, 5, and 6.  Please do! :)

Thursday, May 8, 2014

Issue the 6th!

Lo, verily I say unto thee, issue the 6th of yon WMLP hath arrived!  

 In this issue you'll find…

…a creepy new scenario for Goblinoid Games’ CRYPTWORLD RPG—secret government ops meets horror in the wild!

…yet another installment of Beneath the Ruins, wherein the Ice Caves and the Department of Transubstantiation are detailed.  Elusive, wooly, ice creatures, the Beast of Kokytos, and deranged practitioners of academic sorcery!

…a monster quiz that’s devilishly difficult!  MwuhahahhahahHAHAHHAHAHA! <cough!> <hack!> Mwuha.

…a long lost fragment from the Scrollus Encountercus, the premier ENCOUNTER CRITICAL fanzine of its day!

…and much more!  Okay, a little bit more.

Relevant Announcement: this issue will complete "volume 1" of WMLP! We've decided that once all the copies of #6 are sold out, as well as our current stock of back issues (#1-#5), volume 1 will be compiled and henceforth offered only as a POD compilation.  Only the new issues (7+) will be available individually through this blog.  So if you are missing an individual back issue and want to pick it up to complete the series, now is the time to do it!  At this time there's still stock of every issue--updates will be made as time goes on to reflect current stock.  Thanks!