Saturday, August 28, 2010

Experience Point Variant for Labyrinth Lord

I've been using a variant method of leveling based on game sessions for the Lost Continent campaign and have been very happy with it.  I found it over at Swords Against the Outer Dark.  It is not foolproof, for sure, but it works pretty well, and fits perfectly into my "low stress" methodology.  I've house-ruled several mechanics in my campaign so far--clerical spells, magic point system, thieving skills, and several classes and races--but most have been directed toward hip-checking the game mechanics out of the way so we can play the story/game better.  My players and I love to see a cool story develop.  So letting them be the type of character they want to be, while challenging their skills as players, is where I focus.

Thanks to Shane Mangus over at "Swords" for the great idea.  (His blog has a ton of rad stuff, btw.)

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