Saturday, August 28, 2010

LL Adventures Based on Scooby Doo Episodes

So...I was drinking beer and watching Scooby Doo the other day and it occurred to me that Scooby Doo episodes are a great source of ideas for Labyrinth Lord adventures.  True, many of the plots are the same, but the shifting settings and tricks and traps are great for looting ideas.  Even the monsters are cool...especially since, in Labyrinth Lord, you wouldn't be able to pull a mask off of them and find out it's just Mr. Jenkins or The Nice Old Lady from the Museum.  

The above film is a perfect example.  It must be a fairly recent "return to Scooby" type of production, because it starts by showing you that the Gang is all split up, doing their own things.  They are reunited by the prospect of following Daphne around in the van, filming "true haunted house" segments for her TV show.  After some unsuccessful attempts, they find what they think is TV gold.  Take bayou, add cajun food, alligators, zombies, and Scoob and Shag wolfing down super-hot peppers, and you have Scooby Doo gold.  

My players are totally going to find themselves on Zombie Island.  Save vs. Jambalaya or die.

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