Friday, November 19, 2010

Forestiere Underground Gardens

Here's a bit of that California underground house I mentioned before.


  1. Holy hell. It's not a house. I believe you said "southern California" in your last post and I thought, "Is it really Forestiere Underground Gardens" in Fresno? Fresno isn't SoCal. Those that say so don't know.

    Well, you're talking about the Forestiere Underground Gardens in Fresno.

    If you pass Fresno on the 99, pull off here, take some some time to talk to the Forestiere family, who will be guiding the tours. If you ever want to claim some authentic knowledge of "Dungeon design" or similar line of crap, go to the Underground Gardens. This old school Italian immigrant carved out tunnels, cut windows to create 'venturis' that still move fresh air around ... the man strove after being given a bad deal.

    The family has been struggling to retain that piece of land because of its proximity to Hwy 99and Shaw Ave in Fresno.

    The point is, stop in and check this out while it still exists. This is a real resource --a unique product of one man's vision that will never be replicated ever, can not be replicated ever.

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  3. Whoa...sorry bro. Didn't mean to steal Fresno's flava--that's why I changed it to "California" in this post. I'd previously thought it was out near Death Valley. It was, however, a "residence". Forestiere had living space as well as the extensive gardens. You're right in saying this is a real resource and something to be checked out. I'd love to get a better look around sometime. I'd hazard to say, more generally, that you can't get a good look at "real" California unless you drive up the 99.

  4. No, I'm not personally upset here. But it is really THE coolest thing in Fresno, the complete antithesis of what Fresno has become ... endless soul-sucking sprawling cookie-cutter garbage. And people there just ignore it. So thanks for bringing it to everyone's attention.

    Rock out.

  5. "... endless soul-sucking sprawling cookie-cutter garbage." I hear you on this one, dude. South Orange County is like this too (and North OC, where I'm at, isn't much better, really) Ugh. For your sake, I just hope they don't film a season of Real Housewives of'll want to stab sharp implements into your ears so as to avoid listening to people say, "Oh I know about Fresno--I saw that show with the rich ladies."