Monday, April 4, 2011

Robotic Arm and Plexiglass Skull Flap

This is what I randomly rolled when one of the party's NPCs got "repaired" by the little tin men in a recent adventure.  They roam the ancient halls of the underworld picking up and repairing discarded life forms (dead or dying people and monsters).  As they are quite ingenious in their use of the scrap material at their disposal, they often provide extremely unique solutions for replacing the original "equipment".  Often they will drug and pick up an adventurer trying to sleep off his injuries, only to place him back where they found him after they finish their work.  Many a dungeon explorer has found himself thus: awakened as if out of a dream, possessing a slinky-like spring where his mangled foot used to be.

Tin Men
(No. 1-3; AC 6; HD 2; ATT 0; Dmg Nil; AL L.)

These 3' tall tin men are made of hollow pipes and have a hollow, cylindrical torso with a hinged door on the front.  If opened, a small, visible wisp of green or blue mist moves rhythmically within.  Of mysterious origins, they wander the halls of the underworld, seeking "broken" lifeforms to "fix." They will readily help any creature they encounter, regardless of alignment.

Random Repairs (d10)
1. Robotic Arm
2. Clear Fiberglass Breastplate (replaces skin; organs visible)
3. Rubber Tentacle-like Appendage
4. Subcutaneous Metal Plate
5. Wooden Hand (completely wired for movement)
6. Permanent Stone Helment
7. Plexiglass Skull Flap
8. Wooden (workable) Ear
9. Metal/Electronic Forearm that emits Heavy Metal Guitar sound effects once/hour
10. Kaleidascopic Glass Eyeball


  1. What are the chances of rolling all ten of these? That would be awesome.

  2. Hahaha. Stay in the dungeon long enough and all sorts of odd things can happen.

  3. Brilliant! Sinister and fun all in one.

  4. Cool.
    Inspiring, even.
    We did a Friday Fearsday Micro-Macabre story at Riskail Fiction that was inspired by your Tin Man.

  5. Thanks guys! Netherwerks, I dig that little story. (Another sweet blog to pore over!)

  6. Good stuff. Crazy in the best way. :)