Saturday, June 18, 2011

Something is weird on blogger...

The "Stats" section of my dashboard reports that I had 475 pageviews yesterday, and similarly high numbers for the past week or two.  Now, while that would be kind of cool, it's just not realistic.  I mean, very unrealistic.  Is anyone else experiencing this? 


  1. You know, that made me check my blogger stats too, and yes, they're also really high - which is weird. I mean, we get a good number of visits a day, but there's not way that we've already had over 1100 this morning (it's only 8:31 AM, as I type this). You might want to install google analytics, if you want to track your stats another way. That's what I have on mine as well.

  2. Yep, something's been up for around a week. The best guess is a Blogger glitch or some kind of web crawler activity. My numbers are back to normal now, whatever normal is - the seeds of doubt have been well watered.

  3. Ah, I believe they've fixed the glitch.