Thursday, June 9, 2011

Den of the Thief Kings: Prop Room

Last night we concluded an adventure where the party was tasked with mapping out a newly discovered complex below the city of Pentastadion.  The entryway was through an iron door hidden in the cellar of an abandoned brewery.  After descending a winding stairway, the party found itself exploring the Den of the Thief Kings.

Though not unusually creative in its design, one simple room turned out to be lots of fun (for both Labyrinth Lord and players, I think!):

Prop Room.   A thick burgundy curtain covers the walls of this room, but more importantly it is filled with a multitude of wardrobes and chests.  Each wardrobe and chest contains various costumes and clothing, jewelry and accessories, mostly of low quality but accurate appearance.  They are ratty and moth-eaten, for the most part, and have no value.  At the far end of the room is a large polished metal mirror in triptych, with a platform to stand on and a series of handles hanging by chains from above.  If the handles are pulled while a character is standing on the platform, a random effect is generated:

Roll d6
Skin changes color.
Hair style changed.
Random facial hair.
Gains/loses d4 x 10 pounds.
Grows/Shrinks d6 inches.
Eyes change color.

The room was used several centuries ago by thieves on the lam.  One quick stop in prop room gave them a disguise with an added twist: a permanent change of appearance.

One of the players tested it out and immediately gained 30 pounds.  He then laughingly tried again--Fu Manchu facial hair! We determined also that one of the NPCs would be goading into trying it also.  An already large warrior, Bellor Ruthenia instantly grew another 4 inches taller.  Russian accented complaints about trying to [Yakov Smirnoff's voice]"fit into peasant bed already big hassle!" ensued.

Good times.

(By the way, there is a hilarious table of Random Facial Hair in one of the issues of Fight On!, written by Jeff Rients, I believe.  I can't remember which, though.  Anyway, this room would put it to excellent use.)

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